Firefox Webbrowser:

Just download 'AdBlock Plus' and the 'Filterset G. Updater' plugin. An even better ad-blocker is uBlock origin which does not let itself pay for not filtering certain ads.

If the 'Filterset G. Updater' plugin should not work as expected just download the filterset list from below. Then go to Extras → Add-ons → Adblock Plus 1.1 → Settings → Filter → Import Filter...; choose the downloaded filterset file, done!

Konqueror Webbrowser:

You may use the same filterset lists for Konqueror as you use them for Firefox but you will have to download the filterset lists on your own. Unfortunately the formerly very popular Filterset G. Adblocks are no more available under Your best choice may be the filterset list from elstel which includes the Filterset G..

If you have downloaded the filterset from below go to Settings → Configure Konqueror → AdBlock, and chose ‘Enable filters’ and ‘Hide filtered images’ and then import the downloaded filterset list.

AdBlock List for Konqueror & Firefox  –  based on Filterset G.