Letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel because of the Energy Revolution

Letter from 2019-02-12
Dear Mrs. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany,

Today I have read the article 'Merkel speaks of a possible failure of the energy revolution' in the DWN (Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten, Germany Economy News) if the extension of power lines transporting energy from the wind parks in the North to the South does not progress as it is supposed to be. The energy revolution must not fail! Why not make use of a little bit of imagination? If an extension of power lines should be infeasible why not crack water into hydrogen and oxygen and transport the hydrogen via a gas pipeline into the South? Then there would be no problems at all with the extension of power lines (protests of residents)? I believe that a solution like this would be forward-looking, because later on when not all of Germany┬┤s energy needs can be satisfied with local alternative energy any more it may be necessary to import hydrogren from cracked water from N-Africa any way. Scientist have calculated that in case that we build huge wind and solar energy utilities in Northern Africa this would also increase precipitation in the Sahel which has dried out due to global warming. Then we would also have sufficient energy for hydrogen powered cars.

I believe that battery driven electro cars are not a satisfactory solution. If you wanna drive on holiday you do not want a forced pause of two hours in order to recharge your car (For a second car used to drive to work this may be feasible though.). Besides this there are considerable problems with the poisonousness, the raw materials of batteries and the automatic discharging of batteries at low temperatures. Besides this it is an unclear item how the energy grid should bear the brunt of several turbo charges at the same time. Trucks and lorries as well as buses will likely never be able to be fueled by batteries. However it should be our goal to get rid of fossile energy sources up to 2050.

The construction of renewable energy parks in N-Africa does of course require that politics takes a respective stance and position on the level of the European Union. However this should not be impossible since the EU does already engage in climate protection. Finally it is better to build solar panels on a desert than on fertile farmland (We would have to use a stone desert in this regard as solar panels must not be covered with dust.).

Yours Sincerely,
Elmar Stellnberger

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